The project exploits existing standard open source software. All developed software in the project will be Open Source Software (OSS) under the licence L-GPL :

The PARADISEO framework (cluster and SMP version) is currently provided as an open source under the L-GPL licence. We have a well established community using PARADISEO. More the 50 users (academic and industrials) of more than 15 countries are using the optimization software for solving different problems in diverse domains.

The original conformational sampling algorithms are the result of French public research (by Benjamin Parent – CNRS/Région Nord-Pas-de-Calais Ph.D. Grant, and Dragos Horvath – CNRS scientist) and were or will be published as such. The tutelary organisms of the conceptors' and developers' teams (CNRS, INRIA) will be entitled to negotiate the terms of a potential technology transfer of the herein developed software to interested industrial partners.

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